Cannabis Investment

About Cannabis Investment

Medicinal cannabis crowdgrowing platform that connects people with licensed producers and distributors from around the world. This revolutionary system leverages the power of partnership in commercial cultivation, keeping the economic benefits within the community level, so that the supply chain retains the money and the value. This allows the producers to expand operations to make the end-product less expensive, higher-quality, and more desirable as an export, while new e-growers (yes, that’s you) can enter the business with less risk, by removing the usual entry barriers for licensing, costs, cultivation and distribution expertise. The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, but also one of the most complex ones, that requires huge funds and endless licensing. We launched this platform with the aim of giving the opportunity to anyone in the world to become a member of the cannabis industry, and we fight daily to make this possible. Juicy territories are expanding and the number of partners is growing in parallel with the number of participants on the platform, and that is exactly the plan, Grow. We plan to acquire 1.5% of the market share by 2025 and become one of the top 5 suppliers of high THC cannabis alongside the current top market players at a worldwide level.

Cannabis Goals:

-Understand the regulatory, legal, and technological needs and challenges of the medical cannabis industry
-Continually advance the medical cannabis blockchain data ecosystem to medical studies
-Establish strong vendor and partner relationships with technology firms, doctors, scientists, universities, and governments to ensure data integrity and value
-Attract, hire, and retain highly qualified professionals to sell, manage, monitor, and service the various technological component parts and software systems required to support the ecosystem
-Foster a social community online in which each member can participate freely and offer the breadth of their knowledge and experience
-Provide a simple, secure, user-friendly global exchange platform for the stakeholders
-Create billions of data points and hundreds of millions of dollars in transaction value
-Establish supply-chain integrity

For many years we have been working conscientiously and with the most diverse technologies and means. We have constantly successfully completed our projects. We believe that the full benefits and potential of cannabis as a medical therapy are within our reach only through supply chain transparency, an engaged and active network of cannabis users, and data that is consistently available and verifiable for medical surveys and for developing and establishing therapies and life-prolonging solutions and treatments on blockchain technology. Our vision is one in which cannabis medical research gets the support it needs and deserves